September 22, 2023

How beneficial is it to have two accounts on OnlyFans?


It can be hugely beneficial to have two accounts on OnlyFans. Many successful content creators choose to have both a free account and a paid account that their fans need to subscribe to see more content. But, How beneficial is it to have two accounts on OnlyFans?

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital content creation and online entrepreneurship, there exists a unique phenomenon that has gained immense popularity in recent years: the dual existence of two distinct OnlyFans accounts. This innovative approach allows creators to navigate the complex world of online content delivery by offering their audience a choice between two distinct experiences – one through a free account and another through a paid subscription.

In this digital age, where content consumption has reached unprecedented heights, individuals are constantly seeking new and engaging ways to connect with their favorite creators. The concept of maintaining both a free and a paid OnlyFans account has emerged as a strategic means of accommodating a wide range of audience preferences, needs, and desires. It offers a nuanced approach that caters to the diverse tastes and support levels of their fanbase.

Join us on this journey as we delve deeper into the fascinating world of having two OnlyFans accounts, exploring the motivations, strategies, and dynamics that creators employ to strike a delicate balance between providing valuable free content and creating exclusive, premium experiences for their most dedicated supporters. Whether you're a curious observer or an aspiring content creator, there's much to discover about this unique online phenomenon.

Setup multiple OnlyFans accounts

Setting up multiple accounts on OnlyFans can really pay off if you’re looking to maximize your reach and grow your subscribers.

One of the main barriers many content creators face is that the platform is so saturated now it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd and get people to take the plunge and subscribe to your content.

Without really promoting yourself on social media, it can be difficult to drive traffic to your paid account – especially from users who are already on the site.

By having 2 accounts (both a free OnlyFans account and a paid account), you can entice people with some less personalized content on your free account and then persuade them to sign up to see more on your paid account.

Essentially, a free account acts as an advertisement for your paid account,  helping to persuade people to subscribe and pay to view your content.

It’s really easy to set up another account and then to connect the two accounts on your settings. This then allows you to quickly and easily switch between the two accounts while you’re working and it is easy to manage.

With two accounts you’re able to show people the type of content they’ll get if they sign up and subscribe to your paid account. By showcasing some of the types of content for free that you’re showing on your other channel, users who find you organically on OnlyFans might be more likely to subscribe.

If you already have quite a lot of subscribers and you’re worried about the amount of messages and work you’ll need to put in to manage two accounts it can be worth working with an agency like MatchingFans.

We can help to monitor your inboxes and reply to messages to make your life easier and ensure you can spend your time creating the best content possible.

Benefits of having a Free OnlyFans page

The benefits of having a free OnlyFans page are plentiful and can really work in your favor if you’re looking to grow your fan base and get more subscribers to your paid channel:

  • You can use your free account to post PPV content and videos to help entice your followers to subscribe to your paid content

  • All different types of content can be posted on your free account which means your content will reach a wider audience.

  • A free account can be used to share your more safe for work content posts.

  • A free account means your content is much more easily accessible for users browsing the site. This way you have a much bigger chance of attracting people who will eventually become paid subscribers to your account.

How much do people make from OnlyFans?

The average person makes around $180 per month from their OnlyFans account. But, there are people making thousands and celebrities who have made millions from the platform – in just a few hours in some cases.

It’s reported that Bella Thorne made around $2million in just a few days from her OnlyFans account, with rapper Blac Chyna making a record breaking $240 million annually from her content.

While it’s unrealistic to expect to earn those kinds of sums without being a celebrity and having a huge following already, there is still potential to make good money from the site.

Having more than one account is just one of the ways you can help grow your subscribers and boost your earnings from the platform.

 How many accounts can a user make on OnlyFans?

A user can run two accounts at once on OnlyFans.

According to the site’s terms and conditions you can’t have more than two accounts but it is fine to have both a free and a paid one and switch between the two.

You aren’t allowed to have two of the same type of account either. So, two free accounts wouldn’t be allowed and neither would two paid ones.

Why would you want to create multiple accounts on OnlyFans?

The main reason people want to have multiple accounts on OnlyFans is to target their accounts to different audiences and switch between free and paid ones.

Another one of the key reasons people create multiple accounts on OnlyFans is to have accounts dedicated to their different interests. For example, you might have an account for adult content but also want an account for sharing your fitness tips or music and recipes.

By having more than one account you can use the platform to monetise your different interests and really make the most of it.

By having both a free and paid account for adult content you can create content specifically for the different audiences of each one.

For example, you can post exclusive content for your loyal followers and a chargeless account which you can use to draw in new followers – who hopefully will become paid subscribers.

How to connect your secondary account with your main paid one on OnlyFans?

It’s so easy to connect your secondary account with your paid one. Once they’re connected you can easily switch between the two which makes working easier.

Here’s what you need to do to connect your accounts:

1.  Log into your OnlyFans account

2.  Go to your settings

3.  Go to the ‘Account’ tab on the sidebar

4.  Click ‘Connected accounts’ and ‘connect another OnlyFans account’

5.  Enter in the information from the other account and link the two together

Frequently asked questions

Can you make a second OnlyFans account?

Yes, you can have multiple OnlyFans accounts. The platform allows you to have two accounts at one time.

Is it possible to connect to several OnlyFans accounts at the same time?

No, the maximum amount of accounts you’re allowed to have at one time is two accounts.

Can you have 3 OnlyFans accounts?

No, you can have a maximum of two OnlyFans accounts at one time. It is against the rules to have upwards of two accounts.

Can you have multiple OnlyFans accounts?

No, you can only have a max of two OnlyFans accounts at any one time.


Having two OnlyFans accounts can be a strategic move for individuals looking to maximize their earnings and success in the adult content subscription industry, but it is not without its challenges and potential drawbacks.


  1. Diversification of Content: By maintaining two accounts, creators can target different niches or demographics, broadening their appeal and attracting a wider range of subscribers.
  2. Risk Mitigation: In the event that one account faces issues, such as content restrictions or account suspension, having a backup account can provide a safety net to continue generating income.
  3. Separation of Personal and Professional Life: Maintaining two accounts allows creators to keep their personal lives separate from their online persona, preserving privacy and security.


  1. Increased Workload: Managing multiple accounts requires significantly more time and effort, from creating content to engaging with subscribers. Burnout is a real concern.
  2. Resource Intensive: Creators will need to invest in additional equipment, software, and marketing efforts to make both accounts successful.
  3. Subscriber Split: It's possible that subscribers may choose one account over the other, resulting in a potential loss of income on one side.
  4. Ethical Considerations: Some may view this approach as a way to exploit the platform or manipulate subscribers, potentially leading to a negative reputation.
  5. Regulatory Risks: Depending on local laws and regulations, operating multiple accounts may pose legal challenges, and creators should be aware of potential legal repercussions.

In conclusion, the decision to have two OnlyFans accounts to increase earnings and success is a complex one. While it offers potential advantages in terms of diversification and risk management, it also entails increased responsibilities, resource allocation, and ethical considerations. Creators should carefully weigh these factors and consider their unique circumstances before pursuing this strategy. Success on platforms like OnlyFans depends not only on the number of accounts but also on the quality of content, engagement with subscribers, and adherence to the platform's policies.

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