June 8, 2023

How much can you make on OnlyFans?


From celebs earning up to a million dollars in a single day, to stories of people giving up their day jobs to be full time content creators – OnlyFans can be extremely lucrative. But, with more and more people joining the platform, how much can you really make on OnlyFans?

How much money do OnlyFans models make?

OnlyFans' subscription rates are capped to help to determine how many models can make. An OnlyFans subscription fee can start at a low amount per month, for example a few dollars, up to around $50. The fee for a single piece of content has a maximum of $200.

But, subscription fees alone aren’t the only way for creators to make money, so the opportunities to generate income for creators go way beyond this. This makes it hard to put a number on just how many individual models make.

Actress, singer and model, Bella Thorne reportedly made a million dollars a day when she first joined OnlyFans in 2020, with Black Chyna earning around 20 million dollars a month before pulling her account (the top earners on OnlyFans are only a few models). 

It’s also rumoured that rapper Bhad Bhabie earned $1million in just six hours when she set a record in 2021 after joining the platform.  While these are incredible amounts of money, sadly not everyone on the platform makes that much.

The average amount of money most people, who aren’t celebrities, make on OnlyFans income is hard to know in terms of exact figures. The platform keeps exact numbers under wraps. Creators opt for a professional management. Top level management agencies, like MatchingFans, can help you earn $20k a month within 6 months.

There are tons of variables which can impact on the amount of cash you’re likely to take home. From how many subscribers you have, to the cost of your Pay-Per-View posts, and then the extra money you can make from tips. 

Some creators make considerably more than others by having more followers. Whereas others may have fewer followers but charge higher subscription fees.

What are the different ways for OnlyFans creators to make money?

There are a number of different ways for creators to make money on OnlyFans. The best way to make a considerable sum on the platform is by using a range of different tactics together. Good to know, 20% of the income goes to OnlyFans, but the other 80% the creator gets to keep. The main ones include:

Messaging within chats

The best way to earn a lot of money on OnlyFans, is by private and mass messaging. Within private chats, your subscribers pay you a certain amount for adult content. There’s usually a menu of options of how much users would like to tip, and creators offer an incentive for tipping. 

Subscription fees

For users to be able to view your content, creators charge an annual or monthly subscription fee. 

There are options for creators to set different tiers of subscription depending on the types of content they’d like to show for a certain price.

Pay-Per-View content

There’s only an option for creators to put some of their photo or video content behind a paywall so users have to pay more to be able to see it. 

Bella Thorne used her Instagram to direct followers to her OnlyFans, using the platform as an experiment. It’s rumoured she charged users $200 to view adult pay-per-view posts. 

Pay-Per-View messages

There’s also the option for users to charge a flat fee for messages. This is one of the most time-consuming parts of being an OnlyFans creator, and why many people using the platform tend to use an agency like MatchingFans to reply to these constant streams of messages from their subscribers. 

Replying to messages is a hugely important part of having an account that you shouldn’t neglect. It keeps your subscribers engaged and coming back for more. Opt for a top level OnlyFans Management agency. Contact us.

How much OnlyFans creators with over 100,000 fans earn

An OnlyFans creator with 1,000 followers charging $10 per month could make up to $10,000 a month. We host an OnlyFans account which generates $19k a month, with only 500 fans. A lot of the platform’s most prolific earners tend to be celebrities or influencers already and had a big social media following before getting started on the platform.  

The people making the most amount of money tend to sit in this bracket and are some of the platform’s most popular content creators.

It can be difficult for people starting out to earn this much as they don’t have the same number of subscribers as people who already have a big social following they can direct to their OnlyFans account.

Below are some examples of creators with over 100,000 subscribers and how much they earn.

  • Isabella James – as one of the site’s top OnlyFans creators, Isabella earns around $2 million a year in revenue from her OnlyFans content. 
  • Cardi B has 101 million Instagram followers and earned an estimated $9 million dollars per month from her OnlyFans account.
  • Tyga – rapper Tyga charges a $20 per month subscription fee for his racy content and earns a rumoured $7 million dollars a month from it as a result.
  • Safaree Samuels – boyfriend and business partner of Nikki Minaj earns $1 million per month by charging a $15 subscription fee for his content.

How much do OnlyFans creators earn that have around 10,000 fans

Creators with 10,000 fans on the platform can earn up to $100k a month. But, it’s aspirational to expect to make this amount of money fast. 

It takes time to grow your subscribers, and you’ll have to work extremely hard in order to retain them, too. Most people in this bracket tend to have a really high social media following, too – which is where they’ll convert most of their Instagram followers into subscribers from.

Content creators in this bracket have to constantly keep their subscribers satisfied with engagement and by producing new, creative content. They also have to work hard to keep growing their social media platforms too, which is no easy feat. 

How much do OnlyFans creators earn with fewer than 10,000 fans

If you have under 5,000 followers, then you can earn an estimated $500 per month from OnlyFans. Between 1% and 5% of your followers convert to paid OnlyFans subscribers. You will also earn (with management) around $30 per month per subscriber. It’s important to bear in mind that subscribers often leave to subscribe to other content creators, so while growing your account is hugely important for beginners in this bracket – retaining users is also a big focus. 

There are tons of money to be made from OnlyFans, but the platform is more popular than ever before, which means it’s important than ever to be producing unique content.

It’s also really important to be able to convert followers to fans from your social media. This is where you can link to your OnlyFans page and drop teasers of the type of content subscribers will get if they sign up. 

As celebs tend to have the biggest slice of the pie, it can be hard as a beginner, but once you grow your subscribers, you’ll start to see a steady stream of income coming in. 

With support from a management agency like MatchingFans you can focus on creating the most creative and unique content while we handle the business side of your account. 

How much money can you make on OnlyFans FAQs 

How much does the average person make on OnlyFans?

The average person makes around $180 - $200 per month on OnlyFans. In order to make more money from the platform, you need to collaborate with an OnlyFans Management agency, like MatchingFans. Next to that, you need to produce creative and unique content regularly in order to grow your subscribers and keep them coming back for more. On your of creators, we host on OnlyFans generates $19k a month, with only 500 fans.

What percentage of people make good money on OnlyFans?

The top 1% of OnlyFans starts at 10k a month.

Can couples make good money on OnlyFans?

Yes, couples can also make a decent amount of money on OnlyFans, but it depends on the number of subscribers they have and the amount of money they are charging for their content. There is definitely a market for couples out there. 

How much to charge on OnlyFans?

The bulk of money creators earn on OnlyFans comes from the subscription fees charged. While the rest of the money creators can expect to make comes from pay-per-view content and tips. 

It’s important to set your subscription fee at a sensible rate in order to make money from it. The amount you are allowed to charge by the platform starts at a minimum of $4.99 and maximum of $49.99. The price for a Direct Message (DM), a single piece of content (1 locked message), is $200. 

As a beginner, it’s a good idea to start with a low subscription rate until you build a loyal following of subscribers. You can charge more for pay-per-view content which is hidden behind a paywall. 

Is it hard to make money on OnlyFans?

It isn’t as easy to make money from OnlyFans as you may think. As the platform has spiked in popularity, there are more and more people to compete with. However, it is possible to still make money from it: apply for management and you just need to be smart with it. 

How long does it take to get paid on OnlyFans?

To get your money from OnlyFans, you need to send a withdrawal request for it to be cashed out to your bank account. This can usually take around two days until the money is transferred over. You get to choose how much you’d like to move over to your bank account. 

How much can beginners make on OnlyFans?

As a beginner on OnlyFans, you can’t expect to earn too much right away. You might earn around $150 a month, but it’s all dependent on how many subscribers you have and the amount you charge them to view your content. 

If you have a large social media following on other platforms and direct them to your OnlyFans account, you will be able to make more money quickly. This can be a challenge for a beginner who needs to grow their subscribers organically. 

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