July 18, 2023

How to be successful on OnlyFans?


OnlyFans has taken the world by storm since its creation in 2016. But, with the platform being more popular than ever before, knowing how to stand out from the crowd and be successful on OnlyFans is getting harder than ever. Read on to find out our top OnlyFans tips to help you get famous.

Tips for being successful on OnlyFans

Having a solid strategy is key to being successful on OnlyFans. Just like using any other social media platform, if you approach OnlyFans with a strategic mindset you’ll be able to get much more from it than posting as and when. With so many different features on the site, it’s really important to know how to monetise them to get the most out of your account. From tips and DMs, to live streaming and pay-per-view posts, there’s a multitude of ways to use OnlyFans to earn money and be a success. 

But, whilst there are a lot of people making tons of money from the site, there’s also a lot of competition now. So, it pays to know what you’re doing in order to reach the top. 

Below are our top tips and advice for OnlyFans success to help you hit the big time.

Promote your OnlyFans profile

The best and quickest way to get big on OnlyFans is by promoting your profile. We all know that growing your subscribers is one of the ways to boost your monthly income and ensure a stable return from your profile. But, it isn’t easy.

Subscribers pay a monthly or annual fee to access your content so this is one of the best ways to ensure a steady stream of income. 

You’ll need to approach your account much like a business and put time and effort into driving people there by promoting your profile. The easiest way to do this is by posting teasers of your OnlyFans content on your Instagram or TikTok profiles and directing your followers to your OnlyFans to see more. 

Working with friends and other content creators is also one of the most popular OnlyFans hacks and a great way to gain more exposure quickly. This way you can hope to attract some of their followers to become your subscribers too and grow your profile.

Plan and promote your OnlyFans content

Creating a posting schedule and sticking to it is crucial to your OnlyFans success. It also pays be strategic with your approach to producing and uploading content. From the best times to go live, when to post and knowing what to hide behind a pay wall, all these things can contribute to your success. 

The main thing you need to do is to make sure your subscribers keep coming back for more. The best way to do this is by posting regularly and making sure you’re creating fresh and exciting content they want to look at and engage with. 

Additionally, you’ll also need to work hard on other social platforms to entice more followers. This means creating content for TikTok and Instagram as well as your OnlyFans profile. 

If you’re willing to promote your content on other platforms and link directly to your account it can really help to boost your success. 

Hire an OnlyFans Management agency

One of the hardest parts of getting famous on OnlyFans is keeping on top of your growing success. While it’s amazing to have hundreds of subscribers, managing replying to hundreds of DMs can be extremely time consuming. Especially when you need to focus on creating the best new content.  

Hiring a full service management agency like MatchingFans can take away some of the stress. With an experienced team of chat operators we can cover responding to DMs around the clock – while helping to increase your income from messaging.

Management agencies also offer heaps of support and advice when it comes to creating a posting strategy. As they have helped other people reach their goals on the platform they know what really works. 

They also can also give you the best OnlyFans tips and tricks when it comes to everything from copywriting and social media tips, to making viral videos and creating your monthly content plans. 

Stay up-to-date with trends

OnlyFans has trends just like any other social media platform and it’s important to keep up with them to keep your subscribers from going elsewhere.

Whether it’s a niche type of photo, live streaming or collaborating or video content, there’s always a new trend to get on the back of. 

It’s important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to trends as producing content that’s unique is what’s going to help you grow your account and reach your goals faster. 

Focusing on a niche interest can be a good way to stand out from the crowd, especially as an adult content creator. If you have something unique about you it can be a good idea to cash in on this rather than trying to imitate other content creators out there. 

It can also be helpful to collaborate with other creators now and then to help mix it up a little bit and  make sure your content stays fresh and exciting. 

How to be successful on OnlyFans without showing your face

For some content creators, putting their real identity out there can feel like a big step. Luckily, OnlyFans makes it pretty easy to be anonymous with options to block your geographical location and use a fake name.

 This often makes it a lot easier for people to be more confident and feel more like they can be creative and experimental with their content. However, it can make building your subscribers and connecting with your followers a little more challenging.

Being successful on OnlyFans is possible without showing your face but it can be more difficult. One of the main ways to earn more money from OnlyFans is by creating an authentic connection with your subscribers – which is significantly harder to do if you don’t show your face or promote your content on your social media. 

But there are several things you can do if you’re wanting to know how to be successful on OnlyFans anonymously. 

Use a fake name

Creating a fake name and a social media profile with the same fake name can be a good idea as you can direct followers from your social media account to your OnlyFans. But, as you won’t have organic friends you’ll need build a social media following too. 

You can do this organically by having public accounts and following lots of accounts or by using paid media. By paying for your posts to reach more people you’ll likely grow your followers faster. But it can be a lengthy process. 

It’s also important to say that while you can use a fake name for your profile, you’ll need to use your real name to set up your OnlyFans account. Your username will be different of course. 

Turn on geo-blocking

Use the settings to turn on geo-blocking to block users from your area from being able to view your content. This way you can make sure friends and family members won’t be able to view your posts. 

It does mean people from other areas will though so you may want to be careful with backgrounds in your pictures and showing anything that other people could easily identify as being you. This could be things like piercings or unique tattoos. 

Use other networks to grow your subscribers

Sites like allow you to upload videos anonymously and the algorithm works by showing users random content. This way you have a higher chance of new people viewing your content and being directed to your OnlyFans profile this way. 

How to be successful on OnlyFans as a guy?

While we often hear most about women making huge amounts from their OnlyFans accounts, there are also men out there making big bucks. 

Knowing how to be successful on OnlyFans as a man is a skill and it can be hugely profitable. While adult content does tend to being in the most money, there are also opportunities for men to make money from all kinds of other interests from fitness, to music and nutrition based content on the platform too.

You could choose to promote your new music, or give out fitness tips and advice or even live stream cooking videos and recipes. 

If you do choose to post adult content, then it’s a good idea to start with identifying the type of audience you want to attract. Whether that’s gay males or females. It’s likely that your subscribers will be a mixture of different genders.

So, you’ll need to bear that in mind when it comes to the type of content you create if you’re wanting to be successful. 

If you choose to collaborate with a female content creator, you may turn off some of your audience. But, you may also grow your female subscribers so it can work both ways. 

It can be helpful to have a clear idea of the type of content you’re going to create and audience you’re wanting to attract from the get-go to be successful on OnlyFans as a guy. 

OnlyFans success stories

OnlyFans has so many successes stories which is one of the main reasons it has become so popular and prolific. Some of the most notable OnlyFans success stories include high-profile celebrities like Bella Thorne and Blac Chyna. Both who are rumoured to have made millions from spending a short time on the platform.

Adult content creator Monica Huldt said she made $750,000 from her time on OnlyFans. While this is hugely impressive most people tend to make an average of around $180 a month from it. 

It isn’t life changing sums for most people but it still provides a decent source of extra income. And, you can have fun while doing it.

But, the way to really make the most of your account if you’re serious about growing it and being successful is to use a management agency like ManagingFans. We can help take off some of the pressure by offering tips, guidance and support and managing the less exciting parts of running your account.  

Frequently asked questions 

How do beginners make money on OnlyFans?

Beginners make money on OnlyFans by growing their subscribers. One of the best ways to do this organically is by signposting followers from your social media profile to your OnlyFans account. You can do this by showing teasers of the kind of content you’re posting on OnlyFans and linking to your profile for them to see more. 

How do I become the most successful on OnlyFans?

Being the most successful on OnlyFans isn’t easy, it takes work to become really successful on the platform. The people who tend to have enjoyed the most success on OnlyFans are celebrities or adult film stars who already had a huge following before joining the platform. There are opportunities to be really successful on there without being a celebrity but it does take work. 

Is it hard to make money on OnlyFans?

While many people see OnlyFans as a quick way to make money, it can be difficult to make a large amount without putting in a lot of work. It takes time and dedication to grow your subscribers. The average amount people earn on the platform is around $180 per month. 

What makes someone successful on OnlyFans?

There are many different things that determines whether someone is successful on OnlyFans or not. One of the main things is having a strategic approach when it comes to your account. The most successful creators work with a management agency to enable them to spend their time focusing on creating fresh new content.

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