July 14, 2023

How to get more followers on OnlyFans?


Wanting to increase your followers on OnlyFans? There are loads of different strategies, tips and tricks you can do to help grow your account and boost your fans. 

Using a combination of different tactics is the best way to boost your following. Read on to find out more about how to grow your OnlyFans subscribers today.

How to get followers on OnlyFans? And how to get fans/subscribers on OnlyFans?

Knowing how to get more fans on OnlyFans is the key to being successful on the platform. Turning these fans into subscribers is what really helps to generate you money on the platform, but you’ll need to get them to your profile first. 

One of the best, quickest and easiest ways to get more subscribers is to use your exisiting social media accounts to promote your profile.

Sharing teasers of your content on your social channels and directing your followers over to your OnlyFans profile means people who are already following you will be taken directly to your page. This way followers from your Instagram and TikTok accounts will quickly become fans. 

You’ll need to add a link to your OnlyFans page in the posts but be sure to check the rules of other social media platforms before you posts. You may need to hint that you’re on OnlyFans – rather than directly say it – as some platforms, especially Instagram, can ban or punish you for positing about it on there. 

Make sure your OnlyFans page is engaging

From writing an engaging bio to making sure your best picture is on your profile, putting time and effort into making your OnlyFans profile as good as possible is a great way to make sure more people subscribe to your page.

Standing out from the crowd is essential on a platform that’s so saturated these days. There are so many OnlyFans content creators out there now you need to make sure people want to view your content over others. 

Your profile page is the first thing users will see when they land on your page and it only takes seconds for them to leave and go elsewhere.

By making sure your profile looks in tip top condition you have a much better chance of people deciding to become subscribers.

Use keywords in your bio that answer users search queries so you can be sure they will land on your page to find what they are looking for. Tell potential new fans about the type of content they can expect to find if they decide to become a subscriber.

Be sure to sell yourself to make it seem as exciting and interesting as possible to ensure people decide to subscribe and stay around.

When it comes to your profile picture and banner, making sure they’re high quality images is vital. Be sure to shoot the images on a quality camera and that the images aren’t blurred or pixelated on your page – it also pays to check out what they look like on both desktop and mobile to make sure the resolutions are the correct ones. 

Add links to your social media profiles. Make sure people can access your social profiles, if you’re comfortable with it, this way they can get a feel for the person you are and make a more informed decision on whether they want to subscribe to your content. 

If you have specific types of content you create be sure to list them on your bio. This way people can instantly decide whether or not they want to become a subscriber. 

What is the difference between followers and fans?

Knowing the difference between what followers and fans mean on OnlyFans is really helpful when you’re looking to grow your account.

A follower is someone who can access the free content on your page but doesn’t subscribe to your page. Whereas, a fan is someone who pays a monthly or yearly fee to be a subscriber to your page. 

They key difference is fans get to see your posts, whereas followers can pay for individual pay-per-view posts, but they don’t have constant access to your content. 

With the right profile, you can quickly turn followers into fans. 

How do you build followers on OnlyFans?

There are tons of things you can do to gain more followers on your OnlyFans page. It’s much like trying to grow a traditional social media account and can be grown by using both paid and organic methods. 

Users are beginning to treat platforms like OnlyFans more like a search engine than ever before. So, one of the first things you can do is make sure the written content on your profile is optimised for the keywords users are searching for. Using the right words and hashtags means that when people are using the Search and Discover features on the platform, they will be served your profile. 

This just one way you can organically grow your account, others include:

Partner with other OnlyFans creators

Pairing up with another creator with a huge following is a good way to start. By creating content together you’ll reach their audience too and be able to attract some of their followers to become fans of yours too.

Their audience may soon decide to become your fan too if they like to content they’re seeing which will help to grow your fans.

You can do this as many times as you need to help boost your following, It works well for the other creators too so you’ll be sure to find many people keen to partner up.

Remember to always be professional and respectful, this way you can collab again if the partnership is a success and both benefit. 

Entice potential new followers with free content

Knowing how to get more followers on OnlyFans is the key to your profile being a success. Providing potential new fans with a short teaser video or free content samples can be a great way to turn visitors to your profile into fans. 

This shows them the kind of content they can expect to see if they sign up and become subscribers. While you don’t need to give too much away, it pays to entice new followers a little so they decide to sign up. 

Always keep your best posts behind a paywall to ensure you can make the most money from these. 

Seek opportunities to get on ‘recommended’ pages

One of the quickest ways to increase your visibility and grow your fans is by being featured on the OnlyFans ‘recommended’ page. 

This signals to other users your credibility as a content creator and can help to attract new followers as a result. 

Not only does it help improve your visibility, it can also act as a way to endorse your content as users will see your profile as one that OnlyFans trusts – helping to improve your authority on the site. 

However, the way the algorithm chooses OnlyFans creators to recommend is not disclosed. So it can be hard to know exactly what to do to make sure your page is featured on there. However, by creating quality content, engaging with your followers and having an engaging bio is a great start

Offer exclusives for subscribers

Incentivising users to subscribe to your account is another good to way to grow your OnlyFans fans. Whether that’s by offering behind the scenes content, early access posts or custom videos and one to one video chats – there are multiple ways you can appeal to your audience to make them one to take the next step and become a subscriber. 

Best ways to gain followers and fans on an OnlyFans page

Working with an agency like MatchingFans is one of the best ways you can pay to gain more OnlyFans followers.

Agencies can help to grow your followers while freeing up your time so you can concentrate on creating better quality content. 

We have the skills and experience to know how to build your fans quickly and efficiently, giving you more time to create high quality creative content.

Not only that, we can also handle replying to DMs and all the other less glamorous parts of being an OnlyFans creator – leaving you to the good stuff. By interacting with followers they will start to build more of a connection with you and this way they won’t want to leave to look at content created by others. 

We have tools and knowledge to ensure you’re reaching a larger audience with your posts and can make sure the right people are being directed to your page. 

We also have sophisticated methods of tools and tracking to monitor the traffic to your page and ensure that people landing on it are taking the next steps to become a subscriber. 

So, How Do you Get More OnlyFans Followers and Fans?

Using a combination of different strategies is the best way to grow your account. Trying a few of the strategies at once is the best way to make sure your account grows quickly. 

While it’s key to focus on growing your account, you also need to remember to keep the subscribers you have happy.

Once of the best ways to do this is to Interact with your fans. People are likely to cancel their subscriptions and go elsewhere if you don’t engage with them and keep them coming back for more.

As this can be one of the most time consuming parts of being an OnlyFans content creator, this is where using an agency can come in handy.

Agencies like MatchingFans can reply to all your DMs to make sure your current subscribers don’t go anywhere. 

Using a combination of the above methods and not giving up is the best way to grow your subscribers and make sure you achieve your OnlyFans goals.

Frequently asked questions on how to get more followers on OnlyFans

How do I get my OnlyFans profile noticed?

The best way to make sure your profile gets noticed is by creating high quality exclusive content. With the platform being so busy, it also helps to appeal to a niche market. If you can provide content that appeals to a specific type of audience, you should make sure your images and all high quality and that you spend time creating them to make sure they stand out from the crowd.

How do you get more followers on OnlyFans without social media?

It is much more difficult to get more followers on OnlyFans without using social media but it isn’t impossible. Using a fake name and promoting your exclusive content elsewhere on other platforms like Reddit and Telegram means you can direct potential new fans to your page from other places. It just means you might have to work a bit harder to direct more traffic to your profile and look at alternative spaces, rather than traditional social media platforms. 

Can you start an OnlyFans account with no followers?

Yes, you can definitely start an OnlyFans account with no followers, but it will take a long time for it to become profitable. However, it is possible. It just will take a while for your page to build traction. The best way to start as a beginner is by directing people from your social media platforms to your page and this will help start to build your following. 

What should I post on OnlyFans?

There are so many different things you can post on your OnlyFans account depending on the type of content you want to create. While a lot of people use the platform to share adult content, that’s not the only type of content on there. Plenty of people use the platform to share recipes, fitness tips and music. There are so many different types of content you can post and an audience on there to interact with.

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