October 9, 2023

What is the best alternative for OnlyFans?


Back in 2021, OnlyFans briefly banned explicit content for a short time. During that time many amazing alternatives set up, giving content creators a whole host of new platforms to share their content on.


While OnlyFans is back and the number one destination for content creators to share adult content, some of these alternatives stuck around and are still worth checking out.


Read on to find out more about the best alternatives for OnlyFans.

Adult content creators now have a number of different platforms where they can make money as well as, or as an alternative to OnlyFans. We’ll cover some of the top ones you might want to consider below:


A subscription based model, FanCentro operates in a really similar way to OnlyFans. The platform allows influencers and adult content creators to share their content and monetize it by charging followers who subscribe to their profiles.


There are a few rules content creators need to follow when using the platform.


·        No explicit images must be added to your profile. To get around this it’s important to give an accurate description of the type of content subscribers can expect to see if they sign up.

·        Subscription plans can be customized by price and duration. This means that creators can choose the different access levels subscribers have based on the price they pay and how long for. This can mean offering different ‘perks’ to different price levels – whether that’s access to your private social media, main FanCentro feed or other images and video.

·        There are also the options for creators to offer free trial periods and discounts to potential fans to entice them to sign up, this gives you multiple opportunities for finding new fans.

·        There are seven different payment plans you can choose from and it allows you to select the minimum payout amount.

·        There is a huge opportunity for you to grow your subscribers organically on FanCentro as you’re able to use the on-site directory to promote your content to users.

·        One of the key differences to OnlyFans is that FanCentro takes a bigger cut of your takings at 25%. OnlyFans creators get to keep 80% of their earnings from every transaction.

MYM.Fans stands for ‘Meet your model’ fans. The platform presents itself as more of a premium style content sharing platform. It works in a similar way to OnlyFans making it one of the best alternatives.


MYM allows creators to add content behind a paywall and users can subscribe to see their content. The site is actually based in France but operates in US dollars as the main currency.


It focuses on a number of different niches – giving creators a chance to share their content no matter what their interests are, from cooking to fitness and gaming.


Adult content is allowed but the platform tends to be more weighted towards other interests with no adult content creators being shown on the homepage. This can make it more difficult to grow your subscribers when compared to other sites.


There’s also very little marketing opportunities for adult content creators so it can mean more work for you in building your fans and growing your subscribers.


While it can be aimed at other niches, advantages to MYM include the option for fans to send private requests which you can respond to which can help you to make more money.


These requests can be anything from a specific recipe or fitness routine, to something more risqué. As a creator you don’t have to accept requests and can choose to block fans who request anything unreasonable.

A useful feature which MYM does offer adult content creators is that it blurs images for non-subscribers. This way people can still get an idea of the content you’re sharing without subscribing, which can help to grow your fanbase.


Push media is also another useful feature. This allows creators to send media to subscribers and former subscribers with a lock on. The users then can choose to pay to unlock it or not.


MYM does take a 25% cut of your earnings which is bigger than OnlyFans and there is a 7% fee charged for bank fees to take into account.


To make big money on the platform you’ll need to join its SuperStar programme. This allows you to earn extra commission but it does come with some stipulations. You need to reply to 90% of messages within 48 hours and have at least 50 subscribers. The upside is, it helps you to be more discoverable in searches.


However, overall OnlyFans has a larger subscriber base and gives creators a bigger opportunity to make more money – especially in the adult content niche.


Another subscription based model, Fansly works in very much the same way as OnlyFans, giving content creators a chance to make more money from sharing their content on the platform.


Fansly is slightly different as it offers several different tiers. This means creators have more flexibility and can appeal to a wider market with content priced at different levels, making it an attractive alternative to OnlyFans.


Another reason people like using the app is because its design is very user friendly and easy to navigate, with an interface that’s designed to make browsing for creators seamless.


It takes a 20% cut from creators, offering them the exact same deal as OnlyFans, allowing users to take home the other 80% of their earnings.


Advantages to using Fansly over OnlyFans are that there’s an option to cash out after seven days, rather than a month. This gives creators more control and freedom to access their earning when they need it. This may be a better option for creators who use these sites for the main source of income.


However, OnlyFans is still the more well-known of the two and has a larger audience than Fansly.


A UK based platform, Fanvue markets itself to a wide range of different types of content creators. From personal trainers, to chefs and musicians, there’s a huge opportunity for all kinds of creators to make money on the platform.


It works in much the same way as OnlyFans, following a subscription model and has lots of opportunity for adult content creators to grow their business.


Fans have to subscribe to your content in order to view your posts. The design of the site makes it really easy for people to discover content creators and sign up to be a subscriber, making it a good alternative to OnlyFans.


Fanvue takes a 20% fee of the subscription fee, making it the same pricing model as OnlyFans follows.


It aims to offer creators more support with a live chat feature and smaller waiting times to access their funds making it an attractive alternative option.


iFans is another popular alternative to OnlyFans. It follows the same subscription based model but offers creators more opportunities to network with other subscribers and earn more money from referrals.


iFans operates in very much the same way as OnlyFans, taking 20% of the profits, but offers creators the opportunity to grow their subscribers more organically.


Content creators are able to tag other creators in their posts. This means other fans get more opportunities to see your content and gives creators more chances to grow their subscribers quickly.


However, the fees do change depending on the ways in which new followers become fans. If someone refers a subscriber to you, you will only receive 40% of the fee, rather than the 80% you’ll get if they discover you organically which can be a drawback for some.


It also allows creators to live stream and to charge fans for individual messages.

Is Feetfinder a good alternative to make money?

FeetFinder is a good way to make money if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to grow your subscribers. There are a lot of people out there looking for feet pics so it can be profitable, with a captive audience willing to pay good money for feet pics.

It’s one of the most famous, top platforms to sell feet pics on and offers lots of potential to earn money from images and videos.

You can either choose to sell an album of feet pics for a set price, or to attract subscribers to your content who want to pay a monthly subscription fee.

You can charge fans for tips – much in the same way as you can on OnlyFans, with users also allowed to charge custom fees for offers made by subscribers. You can charge anything from $100 to $400 for a custom offer.

 Frequently asked questions

How much does FeetFinder actually pay?

Most people make around $50 to $100 within their first month of selling feet pics on the site. There is a lot of opportunity to make more money if you work on growing your subscribers but it depends on the quality of your pics and the amount of subscribers you have.

Has anyone made money off FeetFinder?

Yes, as FeetFinder is one of most popular sites for selling feet pics there is huge potential for content creators to make good money from selling their feet pics on the site.

What feet pics sell best?

Well-groomed and clean feet always sell best. Be sure to make sure your pics are of a high quality too as this will ensure subscribers come back for more.

What are the free alternatives to OnlyFans?

There are many alternatives to OnlyFans but each of them takes a cut of your earnings so none are truly free to use.

Is Fanfix the same as OnlyFans?

No FanFix is different to OnlyFans as it doesn’t allow nudity or for explicit content to be posted on the platform.

Is there a better version of OnlyFans?

There are many alternatives to OnlyFans but none are really ‘better’. Each alternative has its own pros and cons that can make them more appealing to some creators and less to others. OnlyFans is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, platform for content creators so it has the biggest audience.

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