January 17, 2023

My fans get the attention they deserve!

MatchingFans allows me to focus on my passion

I started an OnlyFans account for my followers, but my heart lies in the film industry. With the help of Matching Fans, I was able to satisfy my fans while I could focus on my passion.

I felt that I am already an established brand in the adult industry and if I started interacting with my fans, they should feel like it is me they are talking to. It should feel genuine because I want to do things right if I do them. Yet, I was too busy to set it up. I hardly found the time to interact with my OnlyFans at some point. Matching Fans offered me the possibility to instruct the chat operators so that there is a touch of me in the service they provide. That is why I decided to go for it. And it works! My fans are super happy.

I already have the financial freedom I want, so for me it was more important to make my fans happy and to expand my brand. Matching Fans also helped me with a social media strategy that made me go viral on TikTok. This has brought me a lot of new and happy fans!

I am happy with the attention and quality MatchingFans puts in their service. I don’t have to worry about it which gives me more time to focus on my work!