January 17, 2023

My Income Skyrocketed After MatchingFans Took Over

I wanted more freedom

Having an OnlyFans account has changed my life, but I was spending too much time on it. With the help of Matching Fans, I got my freedom back. Now I feel better, have more time to take care of my body and can do the thing I love most: creating!

My reason for working with MatchingFans was that I needed help. My account was growing super fast, I was earning about $10,000 a month and I found myself spending extreme amounts of time on attending to my fans. Often, I felt guilty if I couldn’t answer all of my messages. And most importantly, I did not have time to create new content or go to the gym. That’s why I was super happy to learn that MatchingFans could take over my chat and work out a strategic plan. Really, they know much more about marketing and strategy than you can imagine.

What happened after that was amazing! First of all, I found myself having way more spare time. But in the meantime I began to earn double, triple figures, until my earnings grew to $ 40,000. And after 3 months, it was up to $ 70,000. On top of that, there was an increase in paid followers of about 250% and it has been growing since every day.

I feel like I can breathe again, after MatchingFans took over! Not to mention, I am my own boss ;)